Dr. Bentley James
Crocodile Islands Rangers
Senior Linguist Yan-nhangu Dictionary Project
E-mail: bentley.james.dr@gmail.com
Mobile: 0402704354 PO Box 42393 Casuarina NT 0810


4 thoughts on “About

  1. vacillika konestabo says:

    Hi, we are interested in buying a copy of the atlas. Is it for sale, where can we find it and how much is it please?

    Hope to hear from you, happy days. Cilla

  2. I just watched the documentary about ‘Big Boss’ and Yan Nhanu people – it was one of the most moving documentaries I have seen. I wish the whole world could learn these lessons.

  3. Robyn McLean says:

    We have just watched your documentary on Big Boss. What an absolutely amazing lady and how lucky you were to have known her. Is there a possibility of buying the dictionary/atlas? We believe that all Australians need to learn more about aboriginal culture and this would be a start.
    Thank you

  4. I just watched a program on TV about Big Boss, Great Doco.
    I believe that you have done more for indigenous culture and their people than any one else in Australia.
    You are to be congratulated on your effort in helping these people get their true stories out and passing those stories, language, way of life on to future generations.

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