Sustainable Land Sector Development in Northern Australia


Sustainable Land Sector Development in Northern Australia sets out a vision for developing North Australia based on a culturally appropriate and ecologically sustainable land sector economy. This vision supports both Indigenous cultural responsibilities and aspirations, as well as enhancing enterprise opportunities for society as a whole.

  1. Authors are all international leaders in their fields and include not only academics but also leaders of Indigenous communities
  2. Explains Indigenous cultural and knowledge systems to a degree that has rarely been accessible to lay and academic readers outside specialized disciplines like Anthropology
  3. Responds to growing need for new approaches to managing human-ecological systems that are in greater sympathy with Australia’s natural environments/climate, and value the knowledge of Indigenous people
  4. Timely for scholarly and interest groups intervention, as the Australian government is again looking to ‘develop the north’

After reading this you will understand precisely why we need to intervene on behalf of the future in Northern Australia.

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